Daniel Bonhenry, Ph.D.


Vědecký pracovník
Zámek 136, CZ 373 33 Nové Hrady
Tel.: +420 389 033 822

Dřívější výsledky

2010–2013 - Ph.D. Thesis - University of Lorraine, Nancy, France
Thesis: Vectorization of therapeutic peptides across biological membranes
Description: This work explored the evolution of the protonation state of a titrable peptides as a fonction of its position inside phospholipid bilayers.
Advisors: Dr. Mounir Tarek & Dr. Francois Dehez
2008–2010 M.Sc University of Franche-Comte, Besancon, France
Cum laude · Speciality: Molecular interactions and material physics
Master thesis: Inclusion and stability of a gramicidin protein inside carbon nanotubes: Synthesis of a biomimetic membrane (2 publications, see publications record attached)
Advisors: Prof. Christophe Ramseyer & Assoc. Prof. Fabien Picaud
2005–2008 - B.Sc University of Franche-Comte, Besancon, France
Speciality: Graduated in Physics and Chemistry
Specialization in theoretical physics and scientific programmation (Fortran + Maple)

Work experience
Jan. 2017 – present - Post-doctoral position
Center for Nanobiology and Structural Biology, Nové Hrady
Study of the pereation of calcium ions through a calcium released activated channel by molecular dynamics simulation.
Apr. 2014 – Dec. 2016 - Post-doctoral position
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry,Prague
Molecular dynamic simulations of Green Fluorescent proteins (native and mutants) attached to a phospholipidic membrane. Activation/deactivation of the voltage-sensitive domain from the cis-phosphatase (including wild-type and mutants).
Oct. 2010 – Oct. 2013 - Post-doctoral position
Research Assistant, University - CNRS — Nancy
Molecular dynamics simulations and free-energy calculations related to the tranfer of molecule across bio-membranes. Electroporation studies and electric field effects upon the transfer of cell penetrating peptide with a cargo molecule.
Jan–Jun 2010 Research Assistant, Universty - CNRS Besancon, UTINAM
Computer simulations of nanoparticles in interaction with proteins.2
Jan–Jun 2009 Research Assistant, Universty - CNRS — Besancon, UTINAM
Rate constants and cross sections computation.

computer skills
Basic C++, Adobe Illustrator, Abode Photoshop, Blender, Inkscape
Intermediate matlab, maple, LATEX, GIMP, OpenOffice
Advanced python, Fortran77, Tcl & bash scripting
Software NAMD, Gromacs, VMD, Plumed2

other information
Teaching service 2011 - 2013 · Science popularization
Scientific consultant during science fair and expositions for the general public and students (high school level). Assisted the organization committee.

Communication Skills
2016 · Poster presentation, Biomembranes days, Berlin, Germany.
2016 · Poster presentation, Biophysical society meeting, Los Angeles, California, USA.
2015 · Poster presentation, European biophysical society meeting, Dresden, Germany.
2013 · Seminar, SRSMC institute, Nancy, France.
2013 · Poster presentation, French chemical society meeting, Reims, France.
2013 · Chairman during a congress for PhD students helded by the french chemical society, Nancy, France.
2012 · Oral presentation, French chemical society meeting, Dijon, France.
2011 · Poster presentation, MOLSIM 2011 (CECAM), Amsterdam, Netherlands.

French · Mothertongue
English · Full professional proficiency (writing, speaking, reading)
German · Intermediate, B1 level
Czech · Basic, Learning

2 M. Josef, D. Bonhenry, S. Timr and P. Jungwirth. Transmembrane potential modeling: Comparison between methods of constant electric field and ion imbalance. J. Chem. Theory Comput., 2016, 12(5) 2418 @ S2425.
3 F. Salomone, I. Leray, F. Cardarelli, C. Boccardi, D. Bonhenry, M. Tarek, L. Mir and F. Beltram. Selective endosomal vesicles electroporation by CM18-Tat11 peptide and nanosecond electric pulses cell co-administration. Mol. Pharmaceutics, 2014, 11 (7) : 2466 @ S2474.
4 M. Casciola, D. Bonhenry, M. Liberti, F. Apollonio and M. Tarek. Cholesterol rich lipid membranes electroporation : A molecular dynamics simulation study. Biochemistry, 2014, doi: 10.1016/j.bioelechem.2014.03.0093
5 D. Bonhenry, M. Tarek and F. Dehez. Effects of phospholipid composition on the transfer of a small cationic peptide across a model biological membrane. J. Chem. Theory Comput., 2013, 9(12) : 5675 @ S5684.
6 A. Polak, D. Bonhenry, F. Dehez, P. Kramar, D. Miklavčič and M. Tarek. On the electroporation thresholds of lipid bilayers : Molecular dynamics simulation investigations. J. Membr. Biol., 2012, 246(11): 843 @ S850.
7 D. Bonhenry, S. Kraszewski, F. Picaud, C. Ramseyer, S. Balme, J.-M. Janot and F. Henn. Stability of the gramicidin-a channel structure in view of nanofiltration : A computational and experimental study. Soft Matter, 2011, 7(22) :10651 @ S10659.
8 S. Balme, J.-M Janot, L. Berardo, F. Henn, D. Bonhenry, S. Kraszewski, P. Fabien and C. Ramseyer. New bioinspired membrane made of a biological ion channel confined into the cylindrical nanopore of a solid-state polymer. Nano Lett., 2011, 11(2) :712 @ S716.

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