The Conference centre is placed in the historical empire building of the Castle in Nové Hrady on the south of Bohemia and is a part of the Center for Nanobiology and Structure Biology. The Conference centre organises heterogeneous events such as congresses, conferences and workshops.
Since 2001 when The Conference centre had begun its activities, it has succesfully organised many events. The participiants who have taken part in these actions were not only from The Czech Rebuplic, but people from the all over the world.
The Conference centre keeps at disposition, for such conferences, a large number of castle premises. The Castle was built by Buquoys kin at the beginning of 19th century and was used as a manor. For lecture purposes, full use of the rooms, which have kept their historical image such as Mirror hall, Theatre hall and Blue hall is available. As well as these, we offer plenty of standard classrooms and PC labs. Students and participants can be accommodated right in the Castle. Another part of this area is a beautiful castle park, which is a perfect place for relaxation or for holding parties or banquets in the summer time.

The Conference properties:

   Entrance hall
   Theatre hall
   Mirror hall
   Standard classrooms
   PC labs
   Hunting hall-Bar