Seminar on restriction-modification systems and DNA repair, Nove Hrady, 26.4.2012, 11 a.m.

11.00 Opening (Ettrich, Weiserova, Krejci)



11.10 Rudiger Ettrich (INSB, Nove Hrady): Structural aspects of translocation, binding and DNA cleavage in type I RMs, introduction into the field and state of the art


11. 45 Jozef Lazar (INSB, Nove Hrady): two-photon polarization microscopy in cell biology


12. 05 Mikalai Lapkouski (INSB, Nove Hrady): Organization of RAG1/RAG2 Signal End Cleavage complex


12.20 discussion Microsoft 70-410 exam



12.30 lunch (Restaurace Teresa)



14.00 Lumir Krejci (MU, Brno): DNA repair and genomic stability


14.05 Victoria Marini (MU, Brno): Methods part 1 (DNA substrates; EMSA; helicase, branch migration and nuclease assays, SPR technique)


14.20 Marek Sebesta (MU, Brno): Methods part 2 (ATPase, strand exchage, D-loop and reconstitution assays, protein modification by sumoylation)


14.35 Jan Vrbsky (MU, Brno): Syntetic lethal approach and generation of iPS cells.


14.50 discussion



15.00 Marie Weiserova (IMB, Prague): Analysis of the restriction-modification function of Type I enzymes in vivo.


15.15 Alena Guzanova (IMB, Prague): Biochemical analysis of the EcoR124I enzyme.


15:30 discussion



15.40 coffee break



16.00 Tatjana Baikova (INSB, Nove Hrady): Crystalization of EcoAi and EcoR124I mutants


16.10 Vitali Bialevich (INSB, Nove Hrady): Biochemical activity measurements of RM-I systems in vitro


16.20 David Reha (INSB, Nove Hrady): QM/MM approaches including polarization to improve ligand-binding


16.30 Dhiraj Sinha (INSB, Nove Hrady): Modeling helicase-endonuclease interactions



16.40 free discussion, touristic walk-around



19.00 Get-together and poster session