Dr. Babak Minofar, PhD


Vedoucí centra
Zamek 136, 37333 Nove Hrady
Tel.: +420 389 033 801

Současné zaměření

The main interests of the lab are computational study of :


  • Solvation structure and dynamics of ions in aqueous solution
  • Solvation structure and dynamics ions of in non-aqueous media
  • Solvation structure and dynamics of proteins in organic solvents
  • Solvation structure and dynamics of proteins in ionic liquids
  • Aggregation of porphyrins and carotenoids in aqueous media
  • Interaction of ions with graphene and graphene oxide
  • Interaction of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) with humic acid
  • Interaction of graphene and graphene oxide with humic acid
  • Interaction of graphene and graphene oxide with humic acid
  • Interaction of micro-pollutants with soil organic matter
  • Structural and dynamical behavior of biomolecules in organic solvents and ionic liquids as potential media for drug delivery, macromolecular crystallization and bio-remediation of industrial wastes.
  • Application of nano-materials and graphene oxide for removal of micro-pollutants such as drugs, pharmaceutical and personal care products from aquatic environments.
  • Application of ionic liquids supported on of clay materials for removal of micro-pollutants such as drugs, pharmaceutical and personal care products from aquatic environments
  • Interaction of micro-pollutants with aquatic natural organic matter (NOM) for understanding their bioavailability and toxicity to freshwater microalgae.
  • Application of graphene oxide and nanomaterials for energy related materials such as fuel cells and lithium ion batteries
  • Application of ionic liquids and polymers such as nafion membrane for developing and modification of electrolytes for fuel cells.
  • Solvation structure and dynamics of Li+ ion in ionic liquids for increasing the performance lithium ion batteries by molecular dynamics simulations.
  • Solvation structure and dynamics of pure ionic liquids as a new candidate as electrolyte solution for lithium ion batteries by molecular dynamics simulations and x-ray scattering.
  • Solvation structure and dynamics of pure protic and aprotic ionic liquids as a new candidates from removal of CO2 and SO2 gases from natural gas by molecular dynamics simulations.
  • Adsorption of micro-pollutants on metal oxide surfaces


Dřívější výsledky

During my PhD study in Charles University in Prague under supervision of professor Pavel Jungwirth I have beeing working on “Structure and Dynamics of Ions at the Air/Water Interface ",from 2003 to 2007. In this study my main focus was understanding the processes which happen at the air-water interface in order to understand its effect on the atmospheric chemistry. I have been using molecular dynamics simulations to understand the solvation, dynamics and properties of ions at the aqueous interfaces in molecular level.

In my first postdoctoral fellowship in Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Institute of Physical Biology of University of South Bohemia from 2007 to 2010 I have been involved in studying the dynamics of ions in Transient Receptor Potential cation channel, subfamily A, member 1 (TRPA1) which is an ion channel and known as a sensor for environmental irritants giving rise to somatosensory modalities such as pain and cold.

  In my second postdoc position in Japan as Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers from Japan Society for Promotion the of Science (JSPS) in Kyushu University and Niigata University from 2010 to 2012 I have been involved in studying the solvation and dynamics of ionic liquids.

Also I have been involved in studying the solvation and dynamics of ions and gases in ionic liquids and surface properties of ionic liquids. One of the outcome of studying the solvation of gases such as SO2 and CO2 in ionic liquids was presented in First Ionic Liquid Symposium in Japan, Tottori collaborated with Prof Fehrmann and Prof Riisager from the Centre for Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry in Danish Technical University in Copenhagen.


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