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Research areas

Biocompatible magnetic nano- and microparticles provide a unique combination of properties enabling them to be directly applied in various disciplines and technologies. Members of the Department are involved in both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects.

In the Department of Nanobiotechnology, the following subjects have been studied:

  • Development, characterization and application of different types of biocompatible magnetic nano- and microparticles.
  • Study of interactions of magnetic nano-/microparticles with biological structures.
  • Development of procedures for the isolation and purification of important biologically active compounds from difficult-to-handle materials.
  • Immobilization of enzymes, cells and affinity ligandsĀ on magnetic carriers.
  • Development of magnetic particles based procedures for the removal of xenobiotics.
  • Development of procedures for the determination of biologically active compounds and xenobiotics using magnetic particles.
  • Development of magnetic biocompatible particles for magnetic drug targeting, magnetic resonance imaging and other nanomedicine applications.